Merijn Bisschops

Dutch audio-visual artist Merijn Bisschops (1981) creates total artworks in which various disciplines are interwoven in an inextricable manner. An eye for detail, layeredness and multi-faceted associations characterize his composed music, photography and video art.

Merijn Bisschops is initiator of interdisciplinary performances and works as a composer, photographer and video maker in commission of ensembles and festivals or in collaboration with other artists. His work was performed at November Music, Gaudeamus, De Link, De Pont, Van Abbemuseum, EYE filmmuseum, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Museum Beeld en Geluid (NL), Florianka Recital Hall (PL), 48th Dimitria Festival (GR), Procembalo (Italië), NCTU Arts Centre (TW) amongst others. Exhibitions of his work took place at Hilvaria Studio’s, Dat Bolwerck, Museum De Wieger, LocHal, Cacaofabriek (NL), SE Center for Photography, Cinesonika (US).

Merijn Bisschops is artistic director of De Link, a concert organisation for new music in Tilburg.

In the music of Merijn Bisschops, that strikes as cinematic, fragile melancholy is in contrast to unpolished sounds and wayward rhythmics. Influences of spectralism and minimalism predominate. As a photographer Bisschops focuses upon abstractness and minimalism. With apparent simplicity and a keen eye for image composition and detail, he captures shapes, colours and textures.

Natural shapes, cinema culture, language, philosophy and intrinsic human driving forces are the most important inspirational sources for the work of Merijn Bisschops. His versatile artistic vision is reflected especially in his audiovisual performances, in which he forges diverse elements into a whole: a merging of styles, techniques and clichés into a new unity. The different disciplines are are equal, support and seek confrontation with each other. This ‘esemplastic’ approach has the result that beneath the outer shell of a performance there is always a layer present reflecting on the applied disciplines itself. This way sharp-witted associations arise as well as unexpected genre-transgressions, emotional contrast and painful humour.