about Tangents:

“But Scordatura takes it further: they also ask present day composers to write for Partch’ microtonale instruments. A world première by Merijn Bisschops proves how fruitful that approach can be. Bisschops’ Tangents started from a crystal-clear fifth, that is opened up though a cycle of collective respirations into a rainbow-like wealth of colours, full of quasi-electronics effects like oscillating tones and tape delay.”

Joep Stapel, NRC, 27-08-2021

about Tangents:

“New work for Scordatura and the Partch-instruments alse sounded tonight. Tilburg composer Merijn Bisschops took up the challenge and provided the surprise of the evening with his brand new Tangents. A strong work in which Bisschops reverses the Partch idiom and chooses for a fixed, almost minimalistic composition. A ritualistic work in which the extraordinary sounds are carefully probed. With her graceful vocalising singer Schmid offers emotional foundation. For the first time the harmonic canon sounds, a psaltery in pure tuning. The leading role is for the adapted viola by ensemble leader Elisabeth Smalt. On this extra long-necked viola Smalt plays soul-carving, dramatic notes that pierce through the etherial soundfabric.”

Mark van de Voort, Concertzender, 03-09-2021

Merijn Bisschops Eindhoven Dagblad
Eindhovens Dagblad

About Far-field:

“As in Textures I took one of my photos as an inspirational source. It limits me, but at the same time gives direction to the music. The shades of grey, the minimalism, the rhythm. These elements lead to music that is different from when I would have used an image with lots of different colours, shapes and textures. The music is calm, demure, foggy.”

Merijn Bisschops, 11-06-2019, Eindhovens Dagblad

Merijn Bisschops Volkskrant
De Volkskrant, 25 oktober 2020

About Crash Blossom:

“One of the many highlights of the festival November Music was Crash Blossom by composer and cinematographer Merijn Bisschops. … A performance with so many layers and implications, that you should see it multiple times to uncover everything.”

René van Peer 12-11-19, Brabants Dagblad

About Crash Blossom:

“From this description you could derive that the performance is quite heavy handed, but that is not always the case – the reactions of the ‘real’ Rianne on her blossoming image often have an unmistakable comical effect, and also the ‘act’ of the film itself (when you can speak of such a thing in regard to this sequence of poetical images) has her humoristic moments, even or especially during intense moments, like the scene where a fully collapsed Blossom awakes on stretch of grass and is poked by a robot lawn mower.”

Maarten & Wouter de Waal, 3voor12, 23 april 2019

About Textures:

“Crystal-clear images of landscapes that shaped over millions of years. Those are the inspirational source of photographer and composers Merijn Bisschops. His work ‘Textures’, that could be heard during the Kunstmuziekroute, was one of the highlights of the festival November Music.”

René van Peer 12-11-17, Brabants Dagblad

About Textures:

“Bisschops is a composer, but since a few years also active as a photographer and film maker and he strives to create total artworks in which diverse art forms are interwoven in a logical and inextricable manner. With ‘Textures’ he certainly succeeded in that.”

Ben Taffijn 6-12-2017, Nieuwe Noten

About Textures:

“Exceptionally impressive was the work by composer and photographer Merijn Bisschops. He combined razor-sharp projected photos of beautiful desolate landscapes in which millions of years of geological processes where visible, with music for string trio. The music was as layered as the images, sometimes abrasive and harsh, sometimes sensitive and full of tender colours.”

René van Peer 13-11-17, Brabants Dagblad

About photo book & cd Textures:

“During concerts the composition is performed while a selection of photo’s is projected in a slow sequence behind the musicians. There is plenty of time to absorb the details, both of the music and the images. They are of enchanting beauty, in terms of colours and shapes. But even though the photos are crystal clear, it is not always obvious what you are looking at. You have no idea of ​​dimensions and distances. Something similar can be found in the music, a fragile ambiguity and a wealth of colours that are at times melancholic. Occasionally you would swear that a human voice arises from the trio of violin, viola and cello. What is special is that the music is never a direct translation of the images. Existing links are indirect, associative. Bisschops took a next step in presenting his work by publishing it in the form of a photo book, with a recording of the music on cd. He chose an exceptional size, 39 x 26 cm. Because of that the photos, that in some cases stretch out over two pages, are shown to advantage. Because images and sound are disconnected they each lead their own live. Synchronicity makes way for a separate experience of the two elements. Now the music proves to be strong enough by itself, and becomes even more suggestive if possible. As a book with cd ‘Textures’ is a publication to continuously return to, to roam around through faint, neboulous (musical) landscapes, saturated by colour. Pictures of our own earth, but also images you would like to dream.”

(rvp) Gonzo Circus #147, 2018

New Music Conference 2019 – Buma Cultuur / November Music
New Music Conference 2019 – Buma Cultuur / November Music

About And Action:

“Merijn Bisschops chose a different approach for And Action! and translated very precisely varying paramaters of scenes from B-action movies in sound: film music, but different. … For the strong final scene percussionist Rachel Xi Zhang stomped with a wooden stick on a box in the highest concentration to direct a slow pulse. Music, that theatrical image suggested, is in a way also visual art.”

Joep Stapel, 22-04-2014, NRC Handelsblad