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City poem IV

City poem IV (2019)


opening: 18 December 2019, Little Devil, Tilburg

commission: A.H.J. Dautzenberg, city poet 2019-2020

An adaptation of city poem IV. City poet A.H.J. Dautzenberg will create a city poem every month for the years two years. Each poem will be adapted by an artist from Tilburg into a new work of art.

Merijn Bisschops: ‘I have taken the typography of the city poem as a starting point and extended it into the city. In search of abstraction, which plays an important role in my landscape photography, I came to the conclusion that I needed height, darkness and artificial light. Due to the lack of mountains in Tilburg, I found myself on the roof of the Westpoint building one evening to take pictures. The result is a series of six photos that I present in different ways at the concert space of the Little Devil, a subtle intervention in a room where an exhibition is not a normal phenomenon.’

City poem IV