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Crash Blossom (2018)

Crash Blossom (2018) 70 ‘

Soprano, soundtrack, video

Script, music, cinematography: Merijn Bisschops
Director: Merijn Bisschops & Rianne Wilbers
Scenography: Marieke Berendsen
Costume: Trijnie Nanninga

Première: Rianne Wilbers
11 November 2018, November Music, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL)

Made possible by: Fonds Podiumkunsten

A musical and visual trip of audiovisual artist Merijn Bisschops and soprano Rianne Wilbers in which concert and feature film merge.

Struggling with the fading boundary between fact and fiction, singer Blossom is confronted with her greatest fear. Gradually, the colourful and complex personality of Blossom is unraveled at a peculiar meta-level. Images, texts and music with an intense beauty, raw emotions and relativating humor. The performance is rooted in the reality of creator and performer, and lets it slip through the fingers in hallucinatory vistas.

About Crash Blossom:

“One of the many highlights of the festival November Music was Crash Blossom by composer and cinematographer Merijn Bisschops. … A performance with so many layers and implications, that you should see it multiple times to uncover everything.”

René van Peer 12-11-19, Brabants Dagblad

About Crash Blossom:

“From this description you could derive that the performance is quite heavy handed, but that is not always the case – the reactions of the ‘real’ Rianne on her blossoming image often have an unmistakable comical effect, and also the ‘act’ of the film itself (when you can speak of such a thing in regard to this sequence of poetical images) has her humoristic moments, even or especially during intense moments, like the scene where a fully collapsed Blossom awakes on stretch of grass and is poked by a robot lawn mower.”

Maarten & Wouter de Waal, 3voor12, 23 april 2019