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Displacement (2022-2020)

Displacement 2 (2022) 30′

piano, soundtrack & video

première n.t.b.: Saskia Lankhoorn
Musical Utopias 2023
opdracht: New Music NOW

Displacement 1 (2020) 20′

piano, soundtrack & video

première Displacement 1: Saskia Lankhoorn
1 november 2020, Hilvaria Studio’s, Hilvarenbeek (NL)

opdracht: Hilvaria Studio’s, Fonds Podiumkunsten

Displacement was made by composer/ visual artist Merijn Bisschops and performed by pianist Saskia Lankhoorn. In each part the music played on the piano is displaced onto another object, leading to a distorted shadow world, resounding in the soundtrack. In Displacement 1 the piano sounds are displaced onto the surrounding space and in Displacement 2 onto a wobbly vinyl record. In Bisschops’ music influences of spectral music, post-minimal and musique concrète can be heard. Both videos were recorded at the Hilvaria Studio’s in Hilvarenbeek by Sophie Tooten and Martin Kers.

Displacement 1 was originally made for the rounded walls and long reverberation time of the Ei, a former photo studio in Hilvaria. Part one is build on a framework of rigidly repeating rhythmical patterns that move over one another. The music shifts from active and spacious to reserved and oppressive. Displacement 2 is made around one note, that is present during the entire piece or music; moving fluently or straightforward, at times distinct and sometimes concealed.