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Displacement (2022-2020)

Displacement 2 (2022) 30′

piano, soundtrack & licht projection

première n.t.b.: Saskia Lankhoorn
september 2022

Displacement 1 (2020) 20′

piano, soundtrack & licht projection

première Displacement 1: Saskia Lankhoorn
1 november 2020, Hilvaria Studio’s, Hilvarenbeek (NL)

commission: Hilvaria Studio’s, Fonds Podiumkunsten

A work for piano, soundtrack an light projection, originally made for the special shape and acoustic fo the the Ei (Egg) in the Hilvaria Studio’s. Displacement is a concert and live installation together, performed by pianist Saskia Lankhoorn. The skeleton of the music is build with rigid, repetitive tones that move over one another; at one moment active and vast, then reserved and oppressed. The sounding space practices a suctioning effect on the piano and the shadows the grand piano throws on the wall. The pianist seems to struggle against this force; as if in every passagge the relation between the subconscious and the surroundings are redefined.