Biography Merijn Bisschops

merijn_bisschops-zelfportretDutch audio-visual artist Merijn Bisschops (1981) creates compound artworks in which various disciplines are inextricably woven together. An eye for detail, interlacing and a web of associations characterize his composition work, photography and video art.

Merijn Bisschops initiates interdisciplinary performances and works as a composer, photographer and video maker commissioned by ensembles and festivals or in collaboration with other artists. His work has been performed and shown at November Music, Museum De Pont, Van Abbemuseum, EYE filmmuseum, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Museum Beeld en Geluid (NL), 48th Dimitria Festival (GR), Procembalo (Italy), NCTU Arts Centre (Taiwan), SE Center for Photography and Cinesonika (USA) among others.

Natural shapes, cinema culture, language, philosophy and intrinsic human driving forces are the most important inspirational sources for the work of Merijn Bisschops. His versatile artistic vision is reflected especially in his genre- and transgressing performances, in which he combines visual aesthetics and music or complex themes and relativizing humour. During the development process the cross-pollination of different art-disciplines is centric, but he lets them operate as equals during presentation. This way the various expressions not only support or enhance each-other, but also seek confrontation with one another.

In the music of Merijn Bisschops, that strikes as filmish, fragile melancholy is in contrast to unpolished sounds and wayward rhythmics. As a photographer Bisschops focuses upon abstractness and minimalism. With apparent simplicity and a keen eye for image composition and detail, he captures shapes, colours and textures. In the monologues Bisschops wrote for his productions, he brings characters into being with an implosive inner world, then gradually unravels their inability to comprehend the outer world.

In 2015 Bisschops was part of the Fljótstunga Artist in Residency in Iceland. Here he lay the foundation for the project ‘Textures’, in which he combines abstract landscape photography and music for string instruments. The picture ‘Blue’ that he made for this project was selected to be part of the exhibition The Abstract Image at the SE Center for Photography, Greenville, South Carolina, USA in January 2016. The première of Textures during November Music 2017 was well received by the press.


“Crystal clear images of landscapes that where shaped over millions of years. Those where the inspirational sources for photographer and composer Merijn Bisschops. His composition ‘Textures’, which was performed during the Kunstmuziekroute, was one of the highlights of the festival November Music.”
René van Peer 12-11-17, Brabants Dagblad

“Exceptionally impressive was the work by composer and photographer Merijn Bisschops. He combined razor-sharp projected photos of beautiful desolate landscapes in which millions of years of geological processes where visible, with music for string trio. The music was as layered as the images, sometimes abrasive and harsh, sometimes sensitive and full of tender colours.”
René van Peer 13-11-17, Brabants Dagblad