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Recensie Nieuwe Noten

“Crystal clear images of landscapes that where shaped over millions of years. Those where the inspirational sources for photographer and composer Merijn Bisschops. His composition ‘Textures’, which was performed during the Kunstmuziekroute, was one of the highlights of the festival November Music.”

René van Peer 12-11-17, Brabants Dagblad


“Bisschops is a composer, but since a few years also active as a photographer and film maker and he strives to create total artworks in which diverse art forms are interwoven in a logical and inextricable manner. With ‘Textures’ he certainly succeeded in that.”

Ben Taffijn 6-12-2017, Nieuwe Noten


“Exceptionally impressive was the work by composer and photographer Merijn Bisschops. He combined razor-sharp projected photos of beautiful desolate landscapes in which millions of years of geological processes where visible, with music for string trio. The music was as layered as the images, sometimes abrasive and harsh, sometimes sensitive and full of tender colours.”

René van Peer 13-11-17, Brabants Dagblad

posted on 6 December 2017