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House of Fun-torture euphemism (2015)

House of Fun – torture euphemism (2015) 35 ‘

percussion & video

script, directing & music: Merijn Bisschops
cinematography: Morgana Machado Marques
starring: David Eeles & Caroline van Leerdam

première: Tatiana Koleva
8 November 2015, November Music, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL)

An intense, associative music/film performance by composer Merijn Bisschops about the euphemisms surrounding torture practices. House of Fun brings these far away matters closer, without resulting into a glorification of violence. A performance for people with an interest in art-house movies, adventurous music, language and philosophy.

The title refers to a former torture chamber in Dubai in which a person could be reduced into submission within half an hour. One example of how gruesome acts are concealed in everyday language, legislation and government policy by metaphors and understatements.

Ominous and disguising the ritual percussion music, played on vibraphone, timpani, drums, gongs and objects, guides the non-narrative monologue of the main character. He represents the perpetrator in all its forms: the interrogator, the torturer, the supervisor, the medic, the government, but also an aggressive spouse and the media. By using torture jargon and subtle humour they objectify their victim and play their invasive role in the private life of the victim. She is fully subjected to their power, except in her preserved silence.