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Simultaan gevierendeeld (2007)

Simultaan gevierendeeld (2007) 60 ‘

accordion, dance, actor & video

text, music & director: Merijn Bisschops

première: Lucie Petrusova, Hans Maas, Luk Sponselee
& Merijn Bisschops
11 August 2007, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Theater aan de Parade, Pleinzaal ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL)

made possible by: VERS, Theaterfestival Boulevard, November Music

An interdisciplinary performance about four artists who want to flee a state of boredom and repetition while being trapped in small cells.

With apparent simplicity and a strong eye for image composition and detail, Merijn Bisschops captures natural shapes, colours and textures of the Icelandic landscape. The music he composes for Prisma string trio consists of her finely interlocking sound textures and layers of minimalist rhythm. Music that is both serene and fragile and overwhelming.

The performance is performed four times while the audience rotates from cell to cell and experiences the same performance from another art discipline each time. A dancer throws herself against the walls while an actor spits out his poetic frenzy, accompanied by pumping and abrasive accordion music. They are monitored through cameras by the guard in the cell next to it.