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Tangents (2021)

Tangents (2021) 11′

For Partch instruments: mezzo-soprano, adapted viola, chromelodeon, diamond marimba, adapted guitar III & harmonic canon

premier: Ensemble Scordatura
21 August 2021

commission: ensemble Scordatura

A composition by Merijn Bisschops for Partch instruments. Tangents is connjuring, with ritualistische repetition, a slightly intangible structure and sometimes sultry, than electronic-like microtonality. A group conversation of musical instruments in wich the participants agree with eachother heartily at first, only to divert further and further to end up turning around the hot knit.

about Tangents:

“But Scordatura takes it further: they also ask present day composers to write for Partch’ microtonale instruments. A world première by Merijn Bisschops proves how fruitful that approach can be. Bisschops’ Tangents started from a crystal-clear fifth, that is opened up though a cycle of collective respirations into a rainbow-like wealth of colours, full of quasi-electronics effects like oscillating tones and tape delay.”

Joep Stapel, NRC, 27-08-2021

about Tangents:

“New work for Scordatura and the Partch-instruments alse sounded tonight. Tilburg composer Merijn Bisschops took up the challenge and provided the surprise of the evening with his brand new Tangents. A strong work in which Bisschops reverses the Partch idiom and chooses for a fixed, almost minimalistic composition. A ritualistic work in which the extraordinary sounds are carefully probed. With her graceful vocalising singer Schmid offers emotional foundation. For the first time the harmonic canon sounds, a psaltery in pure tuning. The leading role is for the adapted viola by ensemble leader Elisabeth Smalt. On this extra long-necked viola Smalt plays Op deze altviool met extra lange hals speelt Smalt soul-carving, dramatic notes that pierce through the etherial soundfabric.”

Mark van de Voort, Concertzender, 03-09-2021