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Volt-face (2021)

Volt-face (2021) 20′

soprano & pipe organ (of pump organ)

première: Rianne Wilbers & Tommy van Doorn
19 november 2021, Orgelpark Amsterdam (NL)

commission: Rianne Wilbers / Fonds Podiumkunsten


On the verge of collapse
No time to catch your breath
The rat race continues
Towards ever greater divide

Endless growth is malignant
When your problems have taken root
From now on its reform or replace
Don’t let your spoils go to waste

If you never change the running system
Over the edge you go
Will you look the other way
Or see the crunch below?

Don’t jump to fall, but dive
Headfirst with your plastic mind
Why wait for the waves to break
When you can turn the tide?

Merijn Bisschops